Learning a language can be divided into several parts. Learning grammar rules are not usually enough to speak a language. By learning several strategies, speaking might be easier. Three basic strategies; giving minimal responses, recognising scripts and using the language to talk about it will help the learners to expand their confidence in utilising English.

In this class, those who know the rules but prefer staying in silence will learn how to start speaking by giving only minimal responses to the questions they are asked. This way, the learners are encouraged to use the language knowledge (grammar & vocabulary) they already have.

The second strategy the students will learn in this class is to recognise scripts. There are some predictable sets of spoken exchanges, like greetings, apologies, and compliments. You will learn how to act and use the appropriate patterns in the right conditions.

The third strategy students will learn in this class is about having the courage to say that you do not understand what is being said by others.

We are looking forward to have you in this class!

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