How can I start speaking practices through Zoom?

Choose one of the session options. For instance a weekly 20 sessions package. Then choose one of our teachers. Contact to our company. Our coordinator will schedule the first meeting with the teacher with respect to your available hours and you will start the conversation sessions accordingly.

What are the session options?

1 session (50 minutes)
Weekly 6 sessions package
Monthly 20 sessions package
Monthly 40 sessions package
Note: For monthly packages, you may do your conversation sessions with more than one teacher.

How much English do I need to know?

Even if you know 5-10 words in English you can start the conversation sessions. Those sessions are offered for the people from the beginner level to advanced levels.

Do you have online conversation sessions for children?

Children can join the conversation sessions with the permission of their parents. However families should inform our coordinator about the age of the children first. Suitable conversation topics for the children will be arranged after talking our coordinator. We recommend online conversation sessions even for elementary school students to improve their language speaking skills including accent and fluency.

How can I schedule my meeting hours?

For the first online meeting with the teacher our coordinator will help you to schedule your appointment. You can schedule following meetings with respect to your and your teachers available hours. Please always consider the time differences between the countries when you are scheduling your meetings.

Who are the teachers? Are they Americans?

You will be doing your online speaking practices with American university students.

Can I choose my teacher?

You can choose you teacher. Please contact our coordinator if you want to chage your teacher for any reason. We may apply a one-week waiting time period to change your teacher.

How do we do the online speaking practices? What are the topics?

We believe you will have a real life speaking experience during the online practices. You will be talking to an American who also wants to talk to you about a topic that both of you are interested in. Never forget that your teacher leaves entire session time for you to help to improve your language skills. You can talk about politics, history, religions, sports, cultures, movies, etc.

What are the benefits of those conversation sessions?

Remember that your teacher does not know your mother language. When your teacher talking to you, your listening skills will improve fast and tremendously. On the other hand, we believe that your speaking skills will improve dramatically too. Your accent will be improved and you will start learning English in a cultural context that you would never have such learning opportunity in your country. Lastly, you can prefer conversation topics if any with respect to your and your children’s edcational plans in the United States and accordingly you can get opinions from an American’s perspectives.

Do you teach grammar?

The primary aim of those online conversation sessions is to improve the students’ practical speaking (e.g., accent, pronunciation, etc.) and listening skills. However you can ask questions about grammar to your teacher. Just let your teacher know that you want to talk about grammar.

How long does a session take?

One session means a 50 minutes meeting. We recommend combining two sessions (50+50) for one meeting.

What kind of technology do I have to have to start speaking sessions?

You will need a computer, internet, and headset with microphone. Further, you should download and set up Skype program into your computer. You can also download Skype app into your smartphone to do your speaking sessions through your smartphone.