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USA International Education Consulting provides academic advising for the students who want apply for language schools or universities in the United States. Our academic advising covers application procedures for undergraduate and graduate studies (i.e., Bachelors, Masters, PhD, etc.). We also provide interpreters for your cultural or business trips to the United States.

USA International Education Services

For a family with limited resources, hiring a college consultant can be a significant cost. We believe families and students may not always need comprehensive services, and that perhaps a few hours with a consultant can provide all the assistance they need.

Most families and students are not familiar with college application procedures in the United States. Parents and students are usually very busy with high school and cannot focus on higher education. Further, the fastest way to prepare and organize college applications for the US based colleges requires a personalized approach. Each student has his or her unique academic successes, future plans, and expectations. With respect to those authenticities, each student needs personalized evaluation and plans toward college education. With this personalized approach, families and students can make the best decisions on different universities.

Service 1: Personalized Road Map Report (1585 USD)

One of our best-selling products is the Personalized Road Map Report for college applications. This report provides a holistic approach for students and parents regarding their college choices and application procedures.

With this report (and guidance), students and parents can make the best decisions without hesitation on confusing details. They can complete all college application steps by following this personalized guideline.

This is how we make things easy, understandable and affordable.

The titles in this report include but are not limited to (1) academic evaluation of the student, (2) test scores (SAT, ACT, etc.) evaluation, (3) extracurricular activity and its evaluation, (4) the schools that best match to the student’s profile (College List broken into categories of safe schools, best match, and “let’s try”), (5) scholarship opportunities and applications, (6) technical application procedures and The Common Application platform, (7) action plan with organizational timeline, and (8) special talents (language, art skills, etc.) and their evaluation.

How does the process work?

We ask the student approximately 25 questions. Since there are open-ended questions, parents and students may request us to focus on specific issues in the report.

Based on the answers provided, we prepare a Road Map Report within 6-7 days.

For 9th and 10th graders, we also prepare a similar report that focuses on planning ahead. These reports include advice on course selections (e.g.,AP, IB, dual enrollment) during high school, extracurricular activity planning (internships, community services, summer planning, etc.), and advice on standardized testing and development of a test plan, etc. (please see the sample report).

Service 2: Personal Statement Assistance (1585 USD)

An effective college essay is a must for college applications.

Almost all colleges require applicants to complete a personal statement (or college essay). In this statement, students tell about themselves and their future plans. Though this one-page essay sounds very easy to complete, a majority of students struggle to finalize an impressive and convincing paper. The reason for this struggle is very simple.

There is no single format, and each student has his or her unique academic and socio-cultural backgrounds as well as unique future plans. We provide assistance to complete an impressive essay that will reveal the student’s unique characteristics as well as a compelling picture of his or her academic potential.

How does personal statement assistance work?

Brainstorming session (45 minutes). To reveal his or her full characteristics and potential, we pose approximately 25 questions to the student. Parents can also join this conversation.

Two rounds of feedback. We prepare an outline with the most important individualities that will create a positive impact on the readers at the admission offices. After the outline, the student prepares the essay and we provide the second round of feedback to finalize the essay.

Service 3: Full Service on College Applications (5000 USD)

Some students and their parents want us to provide a full service. In this service, we provide the Personalized Road Map Report, Assistance on Personal Essay, Email Communication Assistance, Resume Building, and Recommendations as well as practice for college interviews, scholarship applications, etc. This full service continues for about 3 months, with follow-up services usually continuing until the student receives the acceptance letters from the colleges.

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