USA International Education Consulting provides academic advising for the students who want apply for language schools or universities in the United States. Our academic advising covers application procedures for undergraduate and graduate studies (i.e., Bachelors, Masters, PhD, etc.). We also provide interpreters for your cultural or business trips to the United States.

butikPersonalized Consulting

Personalized consulting means ensuring the student understands his or her abilities, skills, talents, interests, personality, and learning style. Accordingly, our team suggests appropriate language schools, colleges or universities as well as major and minor academic programs for each student. We also advise on testing plans and timelines for the application process.

choiceRight School and Right Academic Road Map

We plan and draw the academic road map with respect to a student’s abilities, skills, talents, interests, personality, financial concerns and learning style. We find the schools that match the student’s educational background and future plans.



Documentation is a complex procedure. Although schools identify the specific required documents for their applicants, each student needs to complete an application package with respect to his/her unique educational background and future career plans.

timing1Dates and Time Lines

Time lines or timing, meanwhile, is extremely important when a student is planning his or her educational career in the US. We help students meet all application deadlines. We also advise on the time frames for different application procedures for the students.

newNew Culture and New Educational System

We advise students through the transition to college, setting them up for success once they are ready to leave home. We also consult about the internal culture of the schools, instructors’ general expectations, assignments, school activities, students associations, etc.

educational-tours1Cultural and Educational Tours

We organize and provide guidance for educational and cultural tours to the United States. We schedule visits to universities, and arrange meetings with designated persons (i.e., deans, chairs, etc.) at those schools. We also organize cultural tours to the historic and cultural attraction centers in the US.

bursScholarships and Assistantship Applications

We also advise for separate scholarship and assistantship applications during the overall application procedures. For us, the real success in consulting on international education is helping to secure scholarships and find open assistantship positions for our students.

seminerSeminars for High Schools and Universities

We organize seminars, through teleconferences or in person, for high schools and universities around the world.

Conversation sessions for yourself and your kids

If you understand simple words like “school”, “job”, “morning”, “holiday”, etc., you can join the conversation sessions. These sessions are an ideal way for children to acquire a native English accent and become truly fluent in English. Children’s English conversation sessions follow the same conversational approach utilized in our regular sessions, but the conversation topics are tailored to suit the child.

Skype Meetings 

You have to be on time sharply for your meetings. If you be late frequently we may cancel your further appointments. You can choose the topics for your speaking practices however please consider your teacher’s preferences too. We recommend specifying the topics with your teacher before your next meeting. Do not share your personal information with your teacher. If you want to change your teacher you can reach our director. After a brief evaluation we may change your teacher if your concerns are convincing. We recommend at least 4 session/week meetings for an effective speaking practice. A session means 50 minutes and we also recommend combining two sessions for one meeting (50min+50min). If your online practices cut or interrupted due to technical problems, we will talk to your teacher and after his/her confirmation we will reschedule your failed meeting.


Practicing English with Native Speakers will teach authentic and practical use of vocabulary Understanding the culture as well as the language Development on Accent and Pronunciation The ability to learn the language in a fun and natural way Practicing English with Native Speakers will force you to speak English 

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